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Jersey Motorcycle Traffic Lawyer

Just like cars, motorcycles have their own traffic rules that should be adhered to. Motorcycle crashes are often more fatal than car crashes so all motorcyclists need to take the safety tips very seriously to extend their own lifespan and that of their motorcycle. Yes, riding a motorcycle could be so much fun but it is fun laced with danger. This is why motorcycle traffic rules seem to be more stringent.

While a Jersey motorcycle traffic lawyer can help out when you get booked, it is much better and cheaper to avoid violating traffic rules. Some important tips have been outlined below.

Attend a motorcycle safety class

Unfortunately, the most important safety rule is about the most ignored one. It is the enrollment for a motorcycle safety course. A lot of motorcyclists see this course as a complete waste of time and money. Some parts of the classes are taken by a Jersey motorcycle traffic lawyer to remind and educate motorcyclists on important traffic rules.

Avoid over-speeding

Higher speed does not give more fun in any way. Thinking so indicates irresponsibility and immaturity. If you are not in a hurry to beat any time line, you should take it easy. When you are riding slowly and something unexpected happens, you have more time to think. But with a breakneck speed, there will be no time. Remember, you are not the only road user and other road user could make a silly move. You can only claim your right if you survive the accident in your right senses.

Think of it this way, if an accident occurs, the speed at which you are riding is the speed with which you will head to your grave. The simplest definition of momentum is mass of your motorcycle multiplied by your velocity. That will determine the impact with which a rider crashes. In other words, lower speed reduces momentum and thereby reducing the impact of a crash.

Be extra careful in the rain

If you can, you should not ride in the rain. But if it is not possible, then you have to be extra careful because of slippery roads and poor visibility. You also have to be twice as careful as you approach a bend as another motorcyclist could slip and slide into you.

Be defensive

Don’t over-trust other road users. You don’t know their level of expertise and you don’t know if they are under the influence of alcohol. The bad part is that when a car collides with a motorcycle, it is the car driver’s fault 60 percent of the times. Avoid tailgating as the car can stop abruptly. The consequences of accidents do not recognize who was right and who was wrong. It could take the life of the motorcyclist who was right.

Wearing your helmet is a must

Some motorcyclists sometimes feel it is optional to wear a helmet. This is very wrong. It is a must to protect your head. Accidents occur when they are least expected. You will appreciate the importance of a helmet when you see how a helmet gets broken instead of the head of an accident victim.

Apart from that, if you are fined for not wearing a helmet, a Jersey motorcycle traffic lawyer can only help to reduce the fine, he can’t completely absolve you of the offense. So, it is always better to know the rules and obey them.