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Jersey Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

The motorcycle accident stats in Jersey and other cities in the US show motorcycles are among the riskiest forms of transportation. Though authorities and manufacturers do all they can to prevent these accidents, the numbers are still high. Because of these alarming statistics, it is imperative for every motorbike owner to get a good Jersey motorcycle injury lawyer.

The causes of these accidents are numerous. They can be as a result of:

    Mechanical faults due to poor manufacturing standards
    Bad roads
    Accidents due to carelessness of pedestrians crossing the road
    Accidents with other vehicles

All these can result in serious injury to the rider. Deaths are also common in these accidents. However, many riders, due to lack of knowledge, don't know they deserve compensation if the accident is as a result of negligence from third parties.

As a rider suffering from motorcycle injury, you would need the best possible Jersey motorcycle injury lawyer to resume a normal life.

So what are the possible motorcycle injuries you might sustain in an accident in Jersey?

Skin Injury (Road rash)

Road rash is a very common motorcycle injury. It occurs when the top layer of the skin suffers serious abrasion when it comes into contact with the road. You don't need to be traveling at high speed to be a victim of road rash in a motorcycle accident.

Sometimes, the injury is so serious surgery or skin grafting is needed to get better. Needless to say, the injury is extremely painful and serious infections are common if it is not treated properly.


This is also one of the most common injuries sustained by motorcycle riders. The injury is so serious that it can lead to temporary loss of vital functions in the victim. In extreme cases, especially where improper first aid was administered, it can lead to loss of memory and permanent loss of some body functions.

Brain damage

Serious head trauma and extreme concussions in motorcycle accidents can lead to brain damage. In many cases, even the use of safety helmets cannot prevent this unfortunate injury to riders.

The effect of brain damage on the victim includes permanent disabilities, paralysis, and abnormal behavior. Normal body functions such as sight, speech and movement can also be seriously impaired in brain damage injuries.

Bone fractures

Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious bone fractures to the rider. The fracture can occur in places such as the arms, legs, hips, ribs, etc. Accidents like this are very painful. The victim can be bedridden for a long period of time.

In several cases, permanent disabilities do occur.

Injury to the spinal cord

This is one of the worst forms of injury riders can sustain. Spinal cord injury can occur as a result of serious trauma to the back, neck, and spinal column. This can lead to paralysis and permanent disabilities.

All these injuries are very common in the streets of Jersey. The challenge for riders is to recognize that somebody has to pay for being negligent. So getting a good and competent Jersey motorcycle injury lawyer to handle the motorcycle injury is an imperative.

Feel free to contact any Jersey motorcycle injury lawyer. They can help you decide on the next steps to take and how to go about getting adequate compensation.