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Harley Injury Accident NJ

A motorcycle propels a human to over a 100 mph, just a few feet off the ground. This could be dangerous. If you are reckless or drowsy, you might crash. Here are five motorcycle accidents that commonly occur.

1) Riding Too Fast at a Bend in the Road

If you experienced a Harley injury accident in NJ, it could be due to a bending road. While riding through a long stretch of highway, the road may begin to curve. The curve may be sharp. If it is, there's a risk that you could misjudge the speed and turning angle. This could lead to an accident.

The best way to avoid crashing at a bend in the road is by paying attention to the land features and signs. The signs and road paint provide a good guideline for riding around a curve. Pay attention to the speed limit. Trees and structures in the median and shoulders provide reference points as well.

2) Losing Control on an Uneven Road Filled with Gravel

If the road surface changes, it may distract the rider. This could lead to a Harley injury accident in NJ, and the rider could sustain an injury. The rider may not be able to maintain control of the motorcycle and crash. To avoid crashing, hold the handle bars firmly and slow down. Ride through the gravel until you reach the other end.

Another option is to pull over to the side of the road. Gradually inch your way through the unfinished section of the road. When you reach the other side, ride away as you normally would.

3) Getting Cut-off by Another Vehicle

One of the most common ways a motorcyclist crashes is when another car pulls in front of their path. This usually occurs in two-lane highways when the motorcyclist is driving too slow. If you aren't expecting the car to change lanes, it may startle you enough to alter your riding path and cause you to lose control of the motorcycle. If the car misjudges the space between the motorcycle and the car, it may hit the motorcycle as it changes lane. The best way to avoid crashing during a lane change is by slowing down and allowing the car to pass by.

4) You Get Disoriented While Riding in a Pack

There may be safety in numbers, but if you are riding a motorcycle on a highway at high speeds, pack riding may lead to your death. There's a higher chance of an accident occurring if there are more vehicles around you. If you sustained a Harley injury accident in NJ , it may be due to pack riding. If one rider in the pack crashes, it may lead to your crash.

5) You Hit a Parked Car

Another common way motorcyclists crash is by hitting a parked car. Some cars may be parked askew and the rider may not judge the distance properly. This could lead to an accident. Usually, the side mirror or the tail light is hit. Another possibility is that the driver of the car opens the door and the motorcyclists hits it.