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Harley Accident Attorney NJ

Consider The Cost Of Hiring A Harley Accident Attorney In NJ

Whether it’s a personal injury, slip and fall or an automobile crash, there’s always someone to blame in an accident. You will definitely be looking for an experienced accident attorney if someone else is to blame for the accident. Ultimately, there is the need to find a dependable and qualified attorney once you have made the important decision of having a lawyer handle your accident case. One of the major considerations in your decisions is the cost of hiring a suitable Harley accident attorney in NJ.

So what can a Harley accident attorney in NJ charge? Like many accident victims who may have never had the need to hire an accident attorney before, you may not really have an idea on how much these legal luminaries charge for accident cases. So, when it comes to fee arrangements, there are some basics you’ll need to learn about. Here is what to expect when you decide to hire an attorney to handle your accident case in NJ.

Hourly Rates

Sometimes, you may be required to pay your accident attorney a set fee for every hour spent on your case. Making an hourly fee is usually done based on an agreement. So this implies that you will just have to pay your legal fee whether you win the case in the court or not or whether you get compensated from the party responsible for the accident or not.

You may not even have a strong case if a car accident attorney offers to represent you for an hourly rate. However, it is not always common to find attorneys charging clients for their service per hour. In such a situation, you might be better satisfied with a settlement from an insurance company than hiring an accident attorney who charges hourly rates.

Contingency Fees

Unlike the hourly fee that is commonly charged by most firms in other types of cases, clients are usually charged in a fairly unique way by most accident attorneys. Typically, a “contingency fee” is charged to take care of an injury case. By implication, no attorney’s fee will be paid to the law firm or attorney until money has been recovered, as compensation from the case. This is when a percentage of the money received from the jury verdict or an insurance settlement is paid to the lawyer. However, you will be required to pay no legal fees if the attorney cannot settle or win your case.

Calculated as a percentage of the total judgment or settlement, contingency fees vary from region to region. While some attorneys may require a certain percent of the net award (that is, the deducted fees obtained after expenses have been removed), others may prefer to take a percentage of the gross award (that is, the deducted fees obtained before expenses are removed).

If a Harley accident attorney in NJ is unable to successfully win or settle a case, he or she often waves off expenses when working on contingency. If any expenses were incurred on your behalf, you will be required to reimburse your lawyer only when you win the case and duly compensated.